Display trusses have obtained quite a huge demand in the competitive market of tradeshow in recent years and this fame seems to be growing day after day, because booth exhibits are of significant nature in any marketing and advertising campaigns; and for exhibitors are looking to invest in a modular steel structure. Display trusses ought to be an accent of your current booth design having major components that can allow you almost endless varieties of configurations when it comes to engaging them in any campaign and any slight modification and alternation is required to be done in the system.  The steel used in the display trusses is of extra strength and therefore it supports the entire structure very strongly; and plus factor is the lightweight of the design even if it is composed of 100% real steel.  It is strong as well as lightweight; and both make it perfect for use in the show. Configurations in the display trusses can be done in different ways to keep the design looking fresh every time when you need to take it for a new promotional tradeshow exhibit.

Assembling and dissembling is also easy and requires no extra effort at all except for couple of tools such as screw drivers and wrenches. You can use the truss with capability of folding down if you are looking for more portability and easiness. Uses of display trusses are hanging plasma screen, big photos of products, and lights- the use changes depending on which item will be placed or hanged with it and what is your promotional strategy.  The construction of steels allows you to display and hang anything of heavy weight and body and in some cases even volume. You can use it to display heavy computer monitors and anything that can’t be placed elsewhere in the tradeshow.  Being flexible and durable, display trusses can be used for years to come once they are designed and manufactured. Your product and service’s statement can be highlighted in the bold with the use of display trusses. You can shop for trusses in size, color, design, and of course in volume and weight too.  The commonly sold sizes are 10 by 10, 10 by 20, 20 by 20 and 30 by 30.