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Tradeshow Marketing

A solid strategy is required to make the most of your tradeshow marketing efforts.

While some companies seem to benefit from tradeshows, many come home wondering whether their time and money was worth it. With some proper strategizing and planning, your tradeshow efforts can get the buzz and results that you want. Here are 9 steps to revitalizing your tradeshow marketing strategy.

1. Plan far in advance
Many times companies either register far in advance for the tradeshow, and then forget about it; or they’re last minute and reactionary with picking the tradeshows they participate in. Either way, to do tradeshows right, you need to begin your planning long in advance. Planning for a tradeshow it isn’t just about booking flights and hotel rooms for your staff. It should be a very strategic process, where every aspect of your tradeshow—pre-show, during-show and post-show—are all meticulously thought through and tied back to a strategy and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

2. Be a speaker, don’t just exhibit
Having a booth is great, but the platform that being a speaker provides is tough to beat. Speaking on a topic of expertise to a targeted audience provides instant credibility. It also provides a great opportunity to cross promote your booth happenings as well as giving your booth staff something to talk to visitors about. The slide deck from your presentation can also be used as content to nurture leads and prospects after the tradeshow. Most tradeshows have a process for finding speakers, so you need to look into it and submit a proposal long in advance.

3. Determine tradeshow goals beforehand
What are you looking to accomplish at the tradeshow? What is your purpose for being there? For some companies, it may be simply about generating buzz and awareness for the company itself or perhaps a new product or service launch. For others, there might be specific sales-related objectives such as generating a certain number of leads and opportunities, or capturing as many target-rich contacts as possible for your email database. Or it may be a combination of all of these objectives.

The point is, determine in advance, long before the event, what it is you actually are looking to accomplish because EVERYTHING you do related to the tradeshow should be connected back to accomplishing your event objectives. Be sure to set specific, quantifiable metrics for measuring the success of your tradeshow.

4. Spread the word in advance of the event
Don’t wait until the tradeshow to start generating buzz, get buzzing before the event. Ways to do this are by hosting a webinar as a countdown for the show, post on social media, or emailing contacts about what your company will be featuring at the show.

In addition, take the opportunity to personally invite prospects and customers to meet you at the tradeshow. Based on what you’ve planned for the show (presentation, promotion, new product launch, demos, free consulting time, etc.), give them a good reason to show up to your booth or session. Also, work ahead to schedule appointments with qualified leads for consultations, presentations, demos or other meetings in advance of the event. Face-to-face meetings are a great way to nurture leads or even close a deal.

5. Select an ideal booth space and make it open and inviting
Booth location plays a critical role in the success of your tradeshow efforts. As part of your planning process, you should understand the layout of the exhibit hall and choose a location that will be best suited for high traffic and engagement opportunities. This will require registering for the conference far in advance, as last minute registrations will almost always lead to less-than-ideal booth locations. With most tradeshows, especially larger ones, you’ll pay a premium for larger spaces and larger spaces are typically located in ideal locations. You’ll also want to know your booth setup in advance: the dimensions of your space, ceiling height, access to lighting, internet access, electricity, etc. This will determine how you set up your space.

One way to immediately engage with potential customers at a tradeshow is by setting up a space that makes them feel welcome. Having a table across the front of the booth space can make it appear closed off and uninviting. Instead, create a space where people can enter without feeling trapped. You can create different stations in the space for people to learn about your company and products or services. This subtle practice in “feng shui” will decrease the chance of having people pass you by and increase the likelihood that they’ll step in and make a connection with one of your representatives.

6. Design your booth, messaging and giveaways to make an impact
In a sea of booths, often on either side of crowded aisles, you have mere seconds to attract a passerby to your booth. So creating a powerful visual impact with simple and clear messaging is very important to lure people in. Your booth is intended to be a backdrop, not a brochure. This can’t be overstated: people walking by should be able to instantly recognize who you are and what you do. It’s your booth staff’s job to take it from there. Also, be sure your brand is prominent and consistent with your other marketing materials.

And when it comes to SWAG, be sure to select giveaway items that stand out from the norm. Sure items like ink pens are a staple, but in addition to those, choose other items that attendees will actually want to keep for themselves, not just collect to give to their kids when they get home. Remember, even your giveaways are a reflection of your brand, so choose items that are both unique and desirable.

7. Develop an engagement plan
Your booth should be staffed with energetic and enthusiastic employees that connect with tradeshow attendees and are implementing the strategy you defined long before they arrived. Working on laptops or tablets, scanning emails on smartphones and sitting down in chairs is sure to send negative signals to a passerby. Your staff is there to work the booth, so that should be the primary focus.

In addition to having engaging conversations, consider something else to lure in and engage an audience. Motion graphics, videos and demonstrations can be powerful vehicles for drawing interest and succinctly (and entertainingly) conveying more about your services and/or products.

Contests, promotions, giveaways and other creative methods can also be used to help companies create some hype and achieve their tradeshow goals. But it’s more than just SWAG and iPad giveaways, you need to have a plan of action for generating conversations, identifying legitimate leads and capturing their contact information through a scanner or landing page. This will be helpful when beginning the lead nurturing process after the event.

8. Create a post-event follow-up strategy
Just because the tradeshow is over, doesn’t mean that your work is done. This is where many tradeshow efforts miss the mark. Follow up with the attendees that visited your booth and gave you their contact information. However, don’t mistake all these contacts as warm leads and try to immediately sell to them. Send them an email to thank them for stopping by, offer them a free download of your presentation and try to gauge their interest. By the number of unsubscribes you get from your initial email, you’ll pretty quickly know who was interested in your company and who just wanted that iPad you gave away.

For those contacts remaining, set up a lead nurturing campaign. This will help determine which prospects are worth pursuing and save your sales team a lot of time and energy. Keep the buzz going by generating post-tradeshow content on your blog and social media channels. And lastly, measure the results of your efforts according to the goals you set for the show and do so for several months after the show is over.

9. Set up a post-mortem debrief with the sales and marketing teams
After you return from a tradeshow, it’s critical to promptly set up a post-mortem debrief meeting with members of your sales and marketing teams. It’s important to get a 360-degree download of the show: successes, failures, shortcomings, the good, the bad and the mediocre. The reality is that sometimes your best ideas may fall flat when put into practice or your team is forced to improvise or adjust for one reason or another. Post-mortem debriefs are helpful to identity any lessons learned and action items that need to be taken to improve the success of the next tradeshow.

Any company on almost any budget can be successful at tradeshow marketing if they take the time to develop a solid strategy, execute it and follow through on post-event activities.

Pop up displays have revolutionized the world of tradeshow

If any display could make your presentation smartly by the way of graphics without missing on anything that you really want to express, it’s sure none that pop-up displays. Easy to pop-up and easy to pop-down, these pop up displays have ability to carry your brand’s message in an openly manner right in the air by sticking to a fix position. Question now it what to write-down and display on the graphics- bear in your mind that unnecessary messages aren’t cutting anymore, you have to write just to-the-point preview of your product with worth mentioning points and use powerful graphics to give a soul to your words. The presentation is powerful with pop-up graphics and this is when you know how to use them for the best part of promotion.

How message should be printed on pop-up display?

According to the market technique and proven tactics, name and logo of the company should be printed at the top of the banner and display, it is very important for your customers as well as tradeshow attendees to know whose banner is displayed there and what’s the name of the company. I have seen people mentioning their credits and company’s details at the end; and this strategy is wrong; because you are conducting a live exhibition wherein you need to guide your customers rather than making them confuse. The display can be hanged-up anywhere in the show and how you can think that your customer will take the pain of getting closer to the pop-up display to read the details in the end when they should be visible in the top section with prominent bold colors. This is necessary for the name and product to be bolded and highlighted and for your design matters a lot.  Use of same or unanimous colors for creating a harmony in the design of pop-up graphics is certainly a good idea, but it is at the same time very bad thing to do, because your visitors can easily be distracted from the point which is to make him move towards your booth and convince him to check your offers. Your customers or visitors would easily be lost in the same-colored text thereby not being able to distinguish your details from the rest of promotional text. Therefore colors are to be given utmost consideration and selection ought to be done very carefully when combination is being made taking into account the relevancy of product and its theme.

Your pop-up graphics must contain pictures to allure the attendees in addition to visual media. The rotating pictures capture the attentions and thus are known as a good marketing tool being able to draw the attention of people towards something you need promoted at the tradeshow. The sound should also be there. However, it does not need to be a detailed advertisement like one you watch on the television instead it should be with minor music background that sounds perfect and can be heard among noise. It does not mean it should be too loud to discomfort the hearings of attendees, but it must work like an alert, for instance a display with on-going message tagline should be integrated and intact with sweet music to alert visitors on something. This won’t be very different from the advertisement but it’s more like a class.

Why Pop-up displays are used?

Tradeshows are meant to pull two things: one is profit from the promotion and second is brand awareness because only specific age group or audience is targeted. At the same time, the event automatically involves the attendance of worldwide people who belong to different cities and counties- so the show is not for the profit but also for making new customer contacts whilst offering something exciting to the old ones. Believe it or not, a strong and colossal customer base can be produced using the tradeshow marketing campaign and there is extensive need to sketch a laid-out plan before using any promotion tool. Among many tools one with utmost success rate is pop-up display which is known to be an extraordinary visual tool through which you can advertise anything without doing much effort and homework, because customized pop-up displays allows you to make endless variety of settings in the layout of promotional stuff and you can do it within the matter of few minutes.  Side-by-side pop-up displays are cost-effective, energetic, customizable, and impressive approach to expose your product and services.

The product has to offer a positive impression when is marketed on the pop-up display with bold and warm colors and with proper heading highlights. There are several ways to make your headings draw attention of the audiences and for you might want to team up with a diligent designer who can suggest you on the use of colors and shades and has ability to mix several bold and warm colors with the lighter one to make a soothing theme for the promotional equipment known as pop-up display.  Your display carries a lot of importance; it can whether make your success or break it; and to have your targeted leads in the account you should have to work on the designing part and ways to market your product. Graphics panels linked with the display allows using any promotional graphic fastening it with the magnets.  These displays are portable with interchangeable graphic panels, which means you can show and display one graphic for a certain time and have it changed then to display another one.  They are very light weight and flexible, you can use only one rolling case to pack them after dismantling them from the show. You can choose your pop-up display from several sizes, designs, and shapes and pick one that can accommodate your event and is easy to handle.

Pop up display increases ROI

You expect to have a boost in your business’ reputation, sales, and income by attending a tradeshow and showing up there after making a huge investment. It is natural to expect good returns on the investment side by side develop a strong marketing presence for your brand as well as products. You might be having a competitive product market where thousand other rivals are marketing the same as you do what if they are too promoting their services attending the tradeshow and exhibition. How could you stand out in the crowd and get that exposure you really want to. When this comes to tradeshow arrangements most organizers don’t pesters to invest in pop-up display that’s a fundamental of any onset marketing. The more tools you have to present yourself in the market the better response you will get. It’s not easy win in the seller-buyer market especially when you are facing severe competition but you can attract more visitors to you exhibit by using pop-up display and modular display system.

Pop-up display with concise and catchy message would always do it, you want every visitor to stand for the message you are passing on through your presentation. You can put on good offers and free gifts to create interest for the product, for you would be planting a great pop-up display with brief description of what you are going to give-away.  Pop up display can be placed with other configurations to make the best use of space allotted to you in the tradeshow. They are very robust, sleet, and eye catching when are used with relevant stands, they can also be portable depending on their design and option. When you invest in portable pop up display you stand higher chances of having the best booth design that your competitors won’t since you have something different to put on the display. Pop up display are sure to increase the ROI of any business, for achieving your target you should get a good banner design for the display, the success if is connected with the pop up display is also having link with your message that you will show to your visitors. Be specific with your offers and make attractive headings to appeal every visitor

If you will use your pop up display for different shows you should get one design that can be redesigned with little money. You don’t need to make huge investment every time for the show but just get it changed a little if it is needed so.

Table top displays are transportable

If you exhibits frequently at trade show (in or out the state), you might be looking for simple and attractive solution to meet your exhibition needs. The thing makes you more concerned about the tradeshow equipments is portability, but at the time same weight of the structures, and moving expenses are a big deal of matter with which you can’t easily combat without considering a properly solution.  You might be told that table top displays aren’t much accommodating and professional with respect to a large space exhibition and marketing, if you are given this statement you have been misguided. The comfort and convenience any table top display is second to none and very appraisable.

Both small size and large size table top displays come in their brief case carriage that enables you to unfold them easily in mere times and fold up them without taking any outside help or struggling too hard with the tools. These displays actually are designed to help you have a quick set up of booth, they contain small compartments and space that are further molded into a display. Overall, somewhere they are a complete tradeshow display system with which you can save you time and money.  They are designed with a prospective of transportation that means you can have them moved easily where you want and that’s at lower investment. As the display itself is attached to the brief case you need not to have extra customized boxes for the packing. The box is not very heavy thus can be loaded even in your private conveyance which you are using to travel to the tradeshow location.

There are many modern table top displays that are of large size and structure, but they are equipments with components, sound and video elements, panels, and poles. You can use Velcro to set your graphic and pull up your message for the visitors. In addition to it, you can use racks for placing literatures, fliers, and other accessories you might have taken along to the tradeshow exhibit as the promotional stuff.  Table top displays are very affordable and often their designs are created with affordability prospect of the buyers. These tradeshow tools are used by those people who have either lower space to market or low budget to opt for rental booth design and display.

Pop-up graphics with videos

which looks very nice and attractive. It also makes your booth design distinctive in its look enticing your stall in a unique manner that brings more visitors towards your offers. There is a message in the graphics hanging out there on the pop-up stand and just at a distance of two foot square an impressive video is broadcasting your ads frequently taking your customers aback as soon as they pass by your booth.

The simple technique you can use to integrate the videos in your pop up graphics is a pole stand and a mount. You need a pole stand to support your monitor and mount will of course keep the monitor in its place. The graphic banner would still be there in its place but at a certain distant from the video graphics.  Pop up graphic won’t be requiring redesigning if you use this technique.  Implementing videos with your graphics may have good impression on your customers. You know that videos attract people and they have ability to speak out brand than any written message. People also prefer to watch videos rather than read lengthy text or marketing ads.  Standing in the show close to a banner and reading the message would not be liked by an individual, he would preferably be watching a short ad to get the idea of products. If you are marketing something and trying to make the sales, you must keep something for free such as gift voucher or a free offer to provoke your customers and create interest about your offers.

If you can’t buy monitor pole and mount owing to have financial constraints. You can get a mount shelf within your pop-up display and for this you need to cut down an entire quad of your graphic. You are required to make a mount in there in which the monitor case would be fitted and then your monitor would be finally fixed inside it.  There are many good ways to add video to your pop up display along with graphics. Using videos will make your booth more tempting and pull more prospects to your tradeshow. Just think for the good ways and unique ideas.

Pop up graphics are replaceable

Sometimes less area and position are given to the company for the tradeshow display which makes them pondering as what accessory to be utilized to cover up the area- within that area the company has to get attention and visibility. It is really hard but correct placement of small item can boost your visibility even if you have managed to get only some space in the entire hall where the exhibition takes place. Pop up graphics displays are excellent items, they are lightweight and easy to install. Any number of products can be marketed on the graphic by adding details of the company. The graphic can be changed and used for future exhibitions and shows too.

Banner stands need a lot of work to get set up at the tradeshow. You need to make connection, joined their corners, and make a full structure before actual presentation. When the time is scarce and you are to make an instant set up pop-up stands and graphics together save you from the hurdle of incorporating large structure that may waste all of your time. The time when you would be able to set up large banners can be spent in making your presentation.

Pop up graphics are favourite to many organizers, sellers, and vendors because they are customized and offer time management. The length can be anything according the size of the pop up stand and the stand itself can be fully customized and designed to suit your needs. They don’t need huge investment, instead with few bucks you can get your banner design changed and edited for the new product promotion. Special discounts that you offer time to time are subject to change so are prices and products name. The banners thus can be altered considering the new needs for the marketing. Pop up graphics and their designing are very cost-effective, you can display number of graphics and place them on different parts of the exhibition. The entrance is a pivot of attention whenever a visitor enters in he/she first take a look on the banners placed in the front of banner. You can put a pop-up graphic on the spot and pick a large size to catch on the attention of visitors. Similarly, the pop up graphics can be placed on other areas to increase your product visibility. They don’t take much space therefore are perfect for covering the show and getting the visitors’ attention.

Experiment with different shapes of pop-up displays

Depending on your marketing campaign, budget, and resources you are to select one or two different shapes of pop-up displays. Different shapes can stimulate your campaign and get rush of the people on the stall if you have used them properly in the right place and they are integrated with the right poster or graphic.

Tower shaped pop up displays are largely used for promotion single or two products. They have less space and a panel on the back side made of aluminum. The backside joints together made a round shape tower where the ads are displayed and showed to the pubic. The have less space to accommodate large advertisement so mostly people opt for magnetic or straight pop-up display. Tower shape displays are not a bad choice at all because they are attractive and eye-catching regardless of less area they offer for the marketing.

The most flexible shape diversely used at business event and shows are portable displays they are really refined in terms of their shape and control panel. They can be used to make a quick set up at the show allowing easy assembling and dissembling of the joints and connections. They have specific shape tailed made to help you mount up your set within matter of time without doing efforts on part of installing structure. They also have techniques used in, often times they come with a facility of rotating the posters. Of course posters or graphics would be popped up and popped down as and when you want. But the quality and visibly are more when you use portable pop up displays. For future use and for frequent tradeshows they are certainly an excellent choice.

Straight pop up displays are also a good choice for holding large number of posters that can be popped up or down using the panel located behind them. They can carry large message and graphics having large space inside. Dealing with this shape could be difficult for many people but the practice can mitigate the risk of mistakes in the show. Properly check them before installing because they need proper implementation to work according to your needs. Magnetic pop up displays are also a good shape to use at shows, their joints are connected with the magnetic pole than means no handy work is required instead let the poles connect with each other by placing the structure in place.

Pop-Up Displays Are Key Element of Modern Conventions

The modern conventions have been revolutionized with latest marketing concepts and technologies. Although conventions have been around us for years, but the use of tradeshow displays has changed the way their intimates used to be- the tabletop and outmoded style of a tent-based promotional stall has gone away ever since pop-up displays, and graphics emerged as one of the most sophisticated methods of advertising.  It goes without saying that tradeshows and events are the best place for any business to promote their seasonal products and services, at the same time these shows can be very lucrative if proper marketing techniques are used with right tools. Among many equipments and elements of tradeshow pop-up displays are considered as most important because the element can prominently become a dominant factor of your entire marketing campaign

With so many varieties, designs, shapes, and designs of pop-up displays it is pretty tough to opt for the right one. However, an in-depth evaluation of your marketing campaign and target audience you can possibly have professional and eye-catching pop-up displayed designed for your exhibition. I am going to give you a brief description of three major types of pop-up displays that are being used for both indoor and outdoor marketing campaigns and can be in any event or show.

Graphic Pop-up Displays: These displays herald as great improvement in overall concept of modern conventions. Therefore, they are mostly used in outdoor advertising being easily transported and professional.  Graphic displays are made of aluminum having magnetic strips to support high-resolution graphic design. If the company wants to promote more than one product in an effective manner side by side attracting a huge number of people in the show, these displays are such a comfortable option for them. Graphic displays can also be used with a combination of halogen lights to give an entirely diverse makeover to the tradeshow booth design.

Fabric Pop-up Displays: These are another innovative type of pop-up displays that use frames, which are mainly structured from aluminum metal. The fabric can be used and reused as many times as required, the fabric is made of Velcro and have channels and display panels for the control.

Convertible pop-up Displays: These pop-up displays are transportable, inexpensive, and easy-to-use on the stall. They are basically counter top displays which are used to display product, services, broachers, pamphlets, and other products. They are generously very colorful and tempting. You can make a selection over the color of pop-up displays according to tradeshow display color and theme. They impart a strong impression on bystanders being very professional and accommodating in the stall.

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