Modular Display System

Tradeshow Marketing

A solid strategy is required to make the most of your tradeshow marketing efforts.

While some companies seem to benefit from tradeshows, many come home wondering whether their time and money was worth it. With some proper strategizing and planning, your tradeshow efforts can get the buzz and results that you want. Here are 9 steps to revitalizing your tradeshow marketing strategy.

1. Plan far in advance
Many times companies either register far in advance for the tradeshow, and then forget about it; or they’re last minute and reactionary with picking the tradeshows they participate in. Either way, to do tradeshows right, you need to begin your planning long in advance. Planning for a tradeshow it isn’t just about booking flights and hotel rooms for your staff. It should be a very strategic process, where every aspect of your tradeshow—pre-show, during-show and post-show—are all meticulously thought through and tied back to a strategy and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

2. Be a speaker, don’t just exhibit
Having a booth is great, but the platform that being a speaker provides is tough to beat. Speaking on a topic of expertise to a targeted audience provides instant credibility. It also provides a great opportunity to cross promote your booth happenings as well as giving your booth staff something to talk to visitors about. The slide deck from your presentation can also be used as content to nurture leads and prospects after the tradeshow. Most tradeshows have a process for finding speakers, so you need to look into it and submit a proposal long in advance.

3. Determine tradeshow goals beforehand
What are you looking to accomplish at the tradeshow? What is your purpose for being there? For some companies, it may be simply about generating buzz and awareness for the company itself or perhaps a new product or service launch. For others, there might be specific sales-related objectives such as generating a certain number of leads and opportunities, or capturing as many target-rich contacts as possible for your email database. Or it may be a combination of all of these objectives.

The point is, determine in advance, long before the event, what it is you actually are looking to accomplish because EVERYTHING you do related to the tradeshow should be connected back to accomplishing your event objectives. Be sure to set specific, quantifiable metrics for measuring the success of your tradeshow.

4. Spread the word in advance of the event
Don’t wait until the tradeshow to start generating buzz, get buzzing before the event. Ways to do this are by hosting a webinar as a countdown for the show, post on social media, or emailing contacts about what your company will be featuring at the show.

In addition, take the opportunity to personally invite prospects and customers to meet you at the tradeshow. Based on what you’ve planned for the show (presentation, promotion, new product launch, demos, free consulting time, etc.), give them a good reason to show up to your booth or session. Also, work ahead to schedule appointments with qualified leads for consultations, presentations, demos or other meetings in advance of the event. Face-to-face meetings are a great way to nurture leads or even close a deal.

5. Select an ideal booth space and make it open and inviting
Booth location plays a critical role in the success of your tradeshow efforts. As part of your planning process, you should understand the layout of the exhibit hall and choose a location that will be best suited for high traffic and engagement opportunities. This will require registering for the conference far in advance, as last minute registrations will almost always lead to less-than-ideal booth locations. With most tradeshows, especially larger ones, you’ll pay a premium for larger spaces and larger spaces are typically located in ideal locations. You’ll also want to know your booth setup in advance: the dimensions of your space, ceiling height, access to lighting, internet access, electricity, etc. This will determine how you set up your space.

One way to immediately engage with potential customers at a tradeshow is by setting up a space that makes them feel welcome. Having a table across the front of the booth space can make it appear closed off and uninviting. Instead, create a space where people can enter without feeling trapped. You can create different stations in the space for people to learn about your company and products or services. This subtle practice in “feng shui” will decrease the chance of having people pass you by and increase the likelihood that they’ll step in and make a connection with one of your representatives.

6. Design your booth, messaging and giveaways to make an impact
In a sea of booths, often on either side of crowded aisles, you have mere seconds to attract a passerby to your booth. So creating a powerful visual impact with simple and clear messaging is very important to lure people in. Your booth is intended to be a backdrop, not a brochure. This can’t be overstated: people walking by should be able to instantly recognize who you are and what you do. It’s your booth staff’s job to take it from there. Also, be sure your brand is prominent and consistent with your other marketing materials.

And when it comes to SWAG, be sure to select giveaway items that stand out from the norm. Sure items like ink pens are a staple, but in addition to those, choose other items that attendees will actually want to keep for themselves, not just collect to give to their kids when they get home. Remember, even your giveaways are a reflection of your brand, so choose items that are both unique and desirable.

7. Develop an engagement plan
Your booth should be staffed with energetic and enthusiastic employees that connect with tradeshow attendees and are implementing the strategy you defined long before they arrived. Working on laptops or tablets, scanning emails on smartphones and sitting down in chairs is sure to send negative signals to a passerby. Your staff is there to work the booth, so that should be the primary focus.

In addition to having engaging conversations, consider something else to lure in and engage an audience. Motion graphics, videos and demonstrations can be powerful vehicles for drawing interest and succinctly (and entertainingly) conveying more about your services and/or products.

Contests, promotions, giveaways and other creative methods can also be used to help companies create some hype and achieve their tradeshow goals. But it’s more than just SWAG and iPad giveaways, you need to have a plan of action for generating conversations, identifying legitimate leads and capturing their contact information through a scanner or landing page. This will be helpful when beginning the lead nurturing process after the event.

8. Create a post-event follow-up strategy
Just because the tradeshow is over, doesn’t mean that your work is done. This is where many tradeshow efforts miss the mark. Follow up with the attendees that visited your booth and gave you their contact information. However, don’t mistake all these contacts as warm leads and try to immediately sell to them. Send them an email to thank them for stopping by, offer them a free download of your presentation and try to gauge their interest. By the number of unsubscribes you get from your initial email, you’ll pretty quickly know who was interested in your company and who just wanted that iPad you gave away.

For those contacts remaining, set up a lead nurturing campaign. This will help determine which prospects are worth pursuing and save your sales team a lot of time and energy. Keep the buzz going by generating post-tradeshow content on your blog and social media channels. And lastly, measure the results of your efforts according to the goals you set for the show and do so for several months after the show is over.

9. Set up a post-mortem debrief with the sales and marketing teams
After you return from a tradeshow, it’s critical to promptly set up a post-mortem debrief meeting with members of your sales and marketing teams. It’s important to get a 360-degree download of the show: successes, failures, shortcomings, the good, the bad and the mediocre. The reality is that sometimes your best ideas may fall flat when put into practice or your team is forced to improvise or adjust for one reason or another. Post-mortem debriefs are helpful to identity any lessons learned and action items that need to be taken to improve the success of the next tradeshow.

Any company on almost any budget can be successful at tradeshow marketing if they take the time to develop a solid strategy, execute it and follow through on post-event activities.

Nothing works like modular display system

Modular display system is an advanced, professional, and pro-active tradeshow design idea you will ever love to incorporate in your exhibition. Whether it is a long distance exhibit or a local tradeshow event you have to percept the best way to stand out in the crowd and for modular display system is the best.  With diversity of shapes, colors, and designs, you have literally profound types of modular display system to choose from. Choosing one that’s able to reflect your product and service would do it. And for you should need to take good decision after making an analysis on your product’s color theme.

Modular Display Systems

You can integrate seamless graphics on the modular display system to make them impressive in the exhibition and to cast a lasting impression over your visitors and attendees of the tradeshow. Do you know that modular systems can be tailored made to suit any customer needs? They can either be portable and non-portable, but in all cases they are perfect promotion display for any small and large scale business organization. Endless number of customization can be achieved with the modular display systems. You can attach large visual and video display and intact acoustic audio system to stand out from the rest at the tradeshow. Several accessories can be attached with the system to make it versatile and more compelling in the nature, outlook, and expression.

Portability is just one of many key elements in addition to usability, reusability, and perfect in the style. Graphics panels can be personalized in the modular display system. You don’t have to be worried about the graphics all the time when you have modular display system you can configure it and reconfigure it to any number of times and have your display ready for the customer because configurations hardly need few minutes. There are several shapes, sizes, and designs in modular display system which means variety is at your disposal and can be customized as per your promotional needs and according to the size of your tradeshow.  Modular display could be all inclusive booth design for the tradeshow because they can be manufactured in a manner to have all accessories integrated inside for all-time use with little installation and upgrade, and for the very same reason they have now become a preference for marketers and business owners who wish to save time on the campaign with using accurate advertising equipment. As depicted above the material is reusable, and use of different accessories is surely one add on. The sturdiness of the structure makes your style competent when you place it at the exhibition. How about using premium places for the set-up? There are many options to consider in modular display at premium location. You can surely get your investment back upon making sales, because when you a sophist acted design in the place you are right on the way of success with the tradeshow and this somewhere ensures you can drive more customers to the booth and make more sales. Choose your modular display system and if you have good designers in the company, you opt to have one custom modular display to get better public response, because it will be relevant and better than rest of your competitors.

Modular display system with Balance

Modular display system could augment your sales generation at the exhibition if you have followed few rules when getting them designed or formulates. The progression of show depends on your system- whether it can make your day or break the show and this is in your hands. With all attentions focused on the booth display your visitors perhaps expect something different to have when they attend a show with thousand other brands to check-into. They have a lot of choice to surf and find what they are looking for. Your design should be significantly unique even if it has the same colors your competitors are using. Modular display system and portable design are very popular these days because they are a big advantage every show organizer needs and that’s portability.

Oftentimes the designs are to be sacrificed for the sake good portability and it is common when system is likely to be transported to another state or country for the show. The important is keeping a balance between the design and portability, they are not directly interconnected but designs are usually reduced in the size in the modular system to trim down on the weight. Everyone seeks to save money on the move of modular display system, it would be better if you get an easy-to-use design from the manufacture that’s easy to assemble and dismantle. It depends on your choice and layout that your manufacture would follow when forming up modular display system.

Portability is just one adorable element of using modular display system for the tradeshow; there are many other elements that increase their stability and contribution for any event for just an exhibit. Advanced techniques incorporated with audio and video systems help make the booth display more noticeable if you are eager to make an impressive impression you should consider getting modular display system with an accurate brand message since these all efforts aim at making an identity at the exhibit rather than just getting sales and generating income out of promotion. Don’t let your design get sacrificed for the portability because your design is important to convey your message to the public. Keep your message short and simple so people can understand better what you want to share.

Reasons for Planning a Tradeshow

Tradeshows have a long history. The emergence of other marketing strategies has however not managed to push tradeshows to the periphery. Generally organized and hosted at a single location for several days, they remain a powerful marketing tool. This is because of their effect of bringing together hundreds of exhibitors and thousands of both existing and potential customers at a single location. There are several reasons why you may consider to plan and organize a tradeshow either on your own or together with other business owners.

The fact that a tradeshow brings in thousands of potential customers is a good reason to planning one. It is one sure way of realizing substantial actual sales during the show, sales you certainly would not have realized without a show. This is not restricted to a particular class of goods or products; you are bound to realize sales regardless of type of your products.

Doing business is not limited to making sales; it pays over long term to be visible to your existing and potential customers. You can only achieve this by enhancing business image and visibility through a tradeshow. By making your business visible, you literally get the same imprinted in the minds of your customers, leading to continued loyalty necessary for growth of your business.

Yours is certainly not the only business of its kind. You may only be attracting a small segment of customers leaving out a segment that could certainly be of benefit to your business. It is only through a tradeshow that you can reach specific potential customers but only through proper planning. By getting the attention of the segment that you do not presently serve, you literally become a force to be reckoned with in your area of business, establishing yourself in the process.

Operating your business means that you have constantly have specific marketing strategies in place. It is always a good idea to measure the effectiveness and effectiveness of such strategies. This you can only do through a tradeshow. It is by planning and organizing one that you will be able to ascertain whether your marketing efforts pay dividends or not by simply gauging the number of participants who come to your show.

There is nothing great in business as being able to personally meet consumers of your products. Meeting your customers and having one-on-one discussions with them has a very positive effect; continued loyalty to the use of your products. The benefits that accrue from attracting your business competitors and suppliers cannot be underestimated.

Introducing a new product into the market can be a big challenge. This is especially when consumers are already used to a product of the same kind. A tradeshow gives you a good opportunity to meet a large number of potential consumers to whom you personally introduce your product to. It literally gives you an opportunity to educate your tradeshow participants on your product, increasing chances of not only making sales but also in establishing distributors and retailers.

Modern modular display system

Modularity is an infamous portability traits considered by most show organizers and tradeshow professionals. Being embraced with modern system and design, modern modular system has an ability to approach your targeted audience and to compel them to visit your exhibit and have a look at your offers. You can transport your brand to the website and convey your message effectively by making the use of professionally built tradeshow. While tradeshows are good venues to market your product and services but there has been a problem in making quick set up and preparing yourself for welcoming the every first visitor came to see your booth.

Modular system can certainly attract the visitors towards your booth design when you have struck a balance between the booth design and the portability. Nonetheless, portability is one most appraisable trait the modular system comes with, failure at making a good and customized design may halt your impression you want to cast on your targeted audience. Slight amendments maybe required prior to every tradeshow exhibition, taking the same design to the shows over and over again may not bring the results you are looking for. Wise is to make an evaluation on the types of audience that will be attending the show and try to foresee their expectations keeping yourself in your audience’s shoe. The more ideas will be bringing more prospects to your booth design. Beyond traditional modular display systems you are required to put up your unique notions at the table to make tradeshow efforts successful and turn your marketing expenditure in profit.

Modern modular system is one having good design as well as portability. Being much concerned about the portability may let your quality design very much compromised. And you really know what it takes to draw the attention of visitors towards the booth design besides chasing your own interest of portability. Keep giveaway to provoke your customer to take interest in your offers. Giving free coffee cups, writing pads, pens, chocolates would certainly be doing a dual job- transporting your brand and making new customers. Keep your tradeshow modular well-equipped with the messages you want to send across and present your company’s image in the best way possible to get that exposure you need for the business growth. Get a design that can turn into profit, not a white elephant that digs down in your time and money, creating barriers in set up and installation.

Exhibition abroad with Modular Display System

If you are looking to make arrangements for your business exhibition or expo which is held abroad in a famous business hub or city you should open for light weight modular stands to be able to make quick set up. Where other structures, stands, and banners are obviously overweight to carry along to another country or move to a destination, modular systems are easy an approach for instant exhibition set up. They also don’t require high budget for the moving either. They are very light weight and easy-to-carry; you can dissemble them and pack them in the boxes, and then unload the stuff again in minutes prior to standing your stall at the tradeshow. Yes this is that easy to use them.

The colossal structures and heavy metal stand would need you to make hundred dollar investment just for getting them moved towards the destination where the show is going to be on. Why to get worried about the marketing equipments when you already have told about the modular display system. They are made of aluminum or steel or else have mixture of both in the stands. The display is also designed to work after getting connected with the stand that means the screen itself is detachable from the stand. Perhaps you need little boxes in number to put in the dissembled items of the modular display system. But when you are onto show and have little time left, trust me modular stands and systems would be set up with little effort.

When you design your modular system use latest techniques possibly help yourself covering the investment you have made on it. For example, lights, visual art, graphics, and design of the stands are to be customized. The more customized the items and effects are the greater public response you would receive. To receive good feedback and get high exposure at the show, your design should be different and unique than your competitors. Modular system is light weight though; you need to create a bespoke outlook of it using your own creation of graphics and designs.  Make sure the stands and displays are made of quality material and are durable for long term use. The set has to be adaptable and fully customizable in case you wish to make changes for future corporate conferences or business expos. Moreover, a multi dimensional display or stand would help you for future show exposure so select wisely.

Integrate Modular Display Systems to Make Your Tradeshow Eye-catching

If you are going to exhibit abroad or out-of-town or have to arrange shows every now and then in different cities then modular displays systems can serve you in the long term. In the modern conventions and marketing scenario, a modular display system is such as ease to comfy your urgent marketing needs. Being easy-to-configure and reconfigurable equipment the modular system is one of the best reliable sources of creating a quick product’s’ exhibit. Having many panels, boxes, display, stands, detachable equipment, graphics, posters, and literature holders modular systems are really a cost-effective solution for those who seek for a professional tradeshow setup within a matter of moments.  Modular displays systems are also made of quality material like anodized aluminum and steel hence they can be used in the long-run without any fear on the part of their early depreciation.

Even if you are to set-up an in-house exhibit in the quickest time possible you can use modular display systems and integrate them into your tradeshow to attract new customers while making a drastic brand impression on your existing customers after all they would be interested to see how well your brand is. Somewhere tradeshow also depicts and expresses a prestige of a brand and its marketing efficiencies. With a successful tradeshow you can get competitors’ insight and would be able to stand out among many other brands that fall within your niche.  Modular display systems are designed to meet your urgent marketing needs. They are transportable and easy-to-install in the show and often have all tools that you need to make proper marketing set-up. Depending on the quality of product you would get professional and eye-catching graphics to market yourself and brand, banner stands, booth design, LCD displays, and frames along with other stuff.

It’s easy to load the system on a bus or car, with little efforts you can get a modular system loaded, and configured in the show. All tools are well-organized in the system beforehand; all you need to do it unpack equipments and keep them in the right place to create a network. Connect panels to have full access on the system.  You can use the system several times for your brand marketing since modular systems are durable and long-term marketing set up that can be transported anywhere and install within minutes. Upon making one investment you can possibly yield huge amount of profit from the tradeshows and exhibits provided that you have used your system properly to achieve the goals.

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