Tradeshow display and exhibition

Tradeshow display are a must-have marketing tool for any exhibition and it’s not a norm to observe the addition of cutting edge technology in the booth designs now- audio presentation and vocals, and beams are just few to mention.  Tradeshow display and exhibition are closely connected to each other; given this one thing is very clear that all marketers are now using this medium to promote their brands and it’s really hectic to beat the competition and make yourself stand out in the crowd. Somehow, if you use customized tradeshow display you can be able to cover up the cost of exhibition along with marketing charges.  You should sough after the best design to be able to express yourself in the public and to receive loud applauses and wows giving the introduction of your product and services.

Tradeshow display and your sales

I have observed that marketers and advertisers just emphasis on modern marketing terminologies like mobile phone schemes and website promotion, but an undeniable fact is that success is always when the promotion is done face to face in a live event and where people are very keen to listen every word you say and are very attentive to read your message and attend tradeshow with intentions to buy something. I remembered once I went to an onsite chocolate exhibition where every stall was best and I could hardly make a rating over the booth design because every marketer had almost same logo and I felt that I was lost in the sea of chocolates. Then suddenly I watched one tradeshow booth display in a complete white color as if they had followed the snow theme or something like that. The logo was ‘ make your winter cozy and share love gifting the chocolates’, and there was a graphic hanging with a big photo wherein father was kissing his sweet daughter who had her mouth filled with chocolate bar. The dressing was purple whilst the background was again pure white with some green trees in the back. Everyone was pulling to their exhibit and was enjoying getting free chocolates biscuits from them.  I too checked on them and bought three packs of chocolates because something was very different about them. The purpose of telling this long story is to express how a unique and different tradeshow display can make your mind and force you to check the product.

Instead of using outdated marketing method and choosing same looking tradeshow display why not make a brand of brand. You might be prominent company of the world, but if you lack marketing abilities you can’t grow up. And tradeshows are known to be the best source wherein you get golden business and promotional opportunities and success lays only in a brilliant tradeshow display. You need to be different in your way of thinking and try to do something that can make you stand out in the crowd. If you are told that red color is good for the chocolate promotion use opposite and incorporate green, because your competitors are thinking the same way and you don’t wish your design to be lost among many others. Give a chance to your prospects to track you and for you will have to show yourself in a different way. Prove that you are better by implementing the best tradeshow display.  Don’t go for ready-made designs because they might have sold over thousand times and might have seen by audiences in tens of tradeshow. Get a good design taking theme of your product or service into consideration and use it for the promotion. Hire a brilliant designer who can give you suggestions, and try to keep your company’s presentation as best as possible, but at the same time it has to be concise and comprehensive. Your products are worth expressing, but choose the best words to describe them and offer one item or two for free to attract your audiences and try not to offer lower quality items in the give-away instead offer something that’s not being offered by anyone else.

Make your booth a Bold Statement of your product and service

Display trusses have obtained quite a huge demand in the competitive market of tradeshow in recent years and this fame seems to be growing day after day, because booth exhibits are of significant nature in any marketing and advertising campaigns; and for exhibitors are looking to invest in a modular steel structure. Display trusses ought to be an accent of your current booth design having major components that can allow you almost endless varieties of configurations when it comes to engaging them in any campaign and any slight modification and alternation is required to be done in the system.  The steel used in the display trusses is of extra strength and therefore it supports the entire structure very strongly; and plus factor is the lightweight of the design even if it is composed of 100% real steel.  It is strong as well as lightweight; and both make it perfect for use in the show. Configurations in the display trusses can be done in different ways to keep the design looking fresh every time when you need to take it for a new promotional tradeshow exhibit.

Assembling and dissembling is also easy and requires no extra effort at all except for couple of tools such as screw drivers and wrenches. You can use the truss with capability of folding down if you are looking for more portability and easiness. Uses of display trusses are hanging plasma screen, big photos of products, and lights- the use changes depending on which item will be placed or hanged with it and what is your promotional strategy.  The construction of steels allows you to display and hang anything of heavy weight and body and in some cases even volume. You can use it to display heavy computer monitors and anything that can’t be placed elsewhere in the tradeshow.  Being flexible and durable, display trusses can be used for years to come once they are designed and manufactured. Your product and service’s statement can be highlighted in the bold with the use of display trusses. You can shop for trusses in size, color, design, and of course in volume and weight too.  The commonly sold sizes are 10 by 10, 10 by 20, 20 by 20 and 30 by 30.

Common silly mistakes made at tradeshow exhibit

Rookies and first-timers tradeshow organizers don’t have a proper layout and design on their minds to follow while they are up to making the preparation of business tradeshow and exhibition. Like any newbie a beginner would be making terrible yet common mistakes that can bereave them from the visitors’ attention, dig into company’s investment on the tradeshow rentals, and overall impart a very bad impression about the brand.  Here are few mistakes you must avoid when going to your tradeshow exhibition and managing it being a starter;

Avoid writing too much text; text speaks about your brand. You must have followed seven essential business communications Cs when you actually elaborate your company and present it in the text. The lengthy text would be awfully unattractive in which people won’ take interest in, whilst extra short description would not be helping them determine what you are and what your company does.  Your company is very fantastic and reliable so is the product; you are having phenomenal services to offer. Let your textual material, signs, and board be so sweet, clean, and short. You can certainly not capable of doing everything alone. Hire an expert copywriter who can write descriptions and details to explain tradeshow visitors about your brand.

Odd combination of colors: avoid using freaking bold and bright color; a lot of people have problems with extra bright colors like red, black, and brown. You need to recruit your designer and let him work on the design instead of doing it yourself. If you are a new tradeshow organizer with little experience, you must not put your brand’s identity and reputation at risk by making experiments. Instead, you may spend the same amount of time in learning the things and perfecting them overtime attending more tradeshow and arranging more exhibit booth.

Literature racks and copies: Although, the text of your boards and signs should be briefly written and composed, but your literature copies and brochures ought to have complete details of your brand including the company’s name, logo, about-us page, mission, and lastly product and services. The main offers should be printed on the front pages to make your offers and services interesting for the readers. Put these brochures, printed books, and literature on literature racks in an orderly manner.  Your booth design must not be looking very messed up otherwise people won’t like to stand by it for a long time.

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