Custom Tradeshow Design

Can a custom tradeshow design increase the sales?

This question has been asked relatively a quite more times than any other question about tradeshow. The smartest answer is that a custom tradeshow can definitely increase your sales at the exhibition because you have presented yourself in your own style and cared not to display your products like your competitors who might have lost in the promotions that have forgotten to upgrade their display booth for being working on the busy schedule.  Custom tradeshow is actually created according to a specific and particular product theme and it stands more chances to increase sales being very distinctive in its outlook and presentation.

Secrets of tradeshow design

Secret to a successful and compelling tradeshow design is to realize that what can pull your prospects into regular customers; and for you should first make an agenda for the design and think how it should look like. You can make a tradeshow design by keeping few points in your mind such as;

Theme of the product and service

Audience to be targeted

Age group of the people

Interest of buyers and mindset

Color scheme to use

Tagline and message

A simple and catchy logo for the product if it is new

To be able to stand out in the crowd and pull sales during the show you should have all marketing tools settled in the location allotted to you. You can use display trusses, banners, graphics, and other complimentary items to make your tradeshow design a complete exhibit for the promotion of product and services. Make sure your design has all that you need to make an impression on the visitors. Where tradeshow is a way to market product and make new clients it’s the time to create brand awareness, and for you need to set-out with a great plan. Use innovative visual technologies such as graphics and displays that can rotate banners and show your message to all who attend the show. When you get your tradeshow designed by a company you have to do some homework like:

How many competitors of your brand will be attending the show?

Think putting yourself in your competitors’ shoe and figure out how they will organize the show and put products on the display? You need to think over it because you must have a different way to promote yours otherwise your exhibit won’t be different from them and this is when customers feel they have plenty of options so why not search more and try for the best. This means your tradeshow design must be strong enough to make their mind and when your prospects watch your booth they could say themselves I want this product and there is no better option out there because the exhibit where I am standing on is indeed best of all. The colors have also lasting impact; a good combination of colors can make a big difference and force the visitors to check you. Don’t forget to take suggestions from your friend when your design is ready because they could give you better idea for the improvement of the structure and forget not the first impression is the last impression so your friends would pass you a comment immediately upon watching your tradeshow design and whatever they express you should respect it, because chances are your visitors will feel the same way. Make modifications if critics are more than appraises. And go for the best booth design because the best design can drive excellent results.

Effective Tradeshow Ideas

While planning a tradeshow provides for several benefits for your business, you may not realize the benefits without addressing one critical issue during your tradeshow. The main purpose of organizing a tradeshow is to present your product(s) to your existing and potential customers. It is therefore very necessary to do all that is possible to attract a large number of participants to your tradeshow display booth(s). You can achieve this through different ways.

The fact that you can organize a tradeshow online gives you varied ways to attract participants to your tradeshow. Make use of webinars, blogs, online videos and social network sites to attract the large number of participants to increase your chances of making sales. You need not restrict yourself to the same however. You still need to make use of traditional marketing methods as well.

Creating a buzz on your tradeshow floor has a lasting effect. Find something that tradeshow participants can engage in. Such should relate to your products or tradeshow message. Such can be as simple as letting participants writing down your business/company name or product(s) name. Such a simple activity has a long-term effect because what they write is bound to remain in their minds for a long time.

A very effective tradeshow idea you need to employ is photography. Make use of digital technology and get your tradeshow participants photographed, preferably with your product(s) in view. Give out the same for free. Additionally, you can get such photographs published in both magazines and newspapers for that long-lasting impression. Such is a powerful marketing tool that produces instant results in form of sales.

It pays to engage your tradeshow participants in one-on-one discussions. This is where your tradeshow team becomes important. Your staff should have the necessary knowledge relating to your product(s). This will put them in a good position to answer any questions put forward by participants. You therefore need to create an appropriate location for holding such discussions, which should ideally be at the back of exhibition booth(s). It is during such discussions that you can offer your participants refreshments considering the fact that those who participate in such discussions are potential customers.

The fact that not everybody interested in attending your tradeshow will do so for one reason or another makes it necessary to reach them a well. You can reach them by simply preparing brochures and handing the same to your participants. The likelihood of the same being shared with those who do not have a chance to attend your tradeshow is certainly high, another avenue through which you are likely to attract more customers. It is also a great idea to obtain contacts of your tradeshow participants for follow up.

Three factors your custom tradeshow design must have

Your promotion depends on a variety of factors and marketing variables when you implant a booth design at the exhibition with preset targets of earning money, making new customers, and creating brand awareness. The booth design is the reflection of your brand which shows everything about you by speaking about your prominence, reliability, productivity, and growth. You can’t expect to have an extensive growth at the tradeshow exhibition without bringing into unique ideas of product marketing. You as well as your competitors might be having many tradeshow equipments and tools in common such as booth design, literature racks, banner stands, banners, and graphics. You need to rethink of possibilities that can help you maximize your tradeshow schedule by putting more chances of money at your disposal. The sole objective perhaps is not money at all for you. Aside from having monetary goals to achieve you are to let all people about your brand and services and this can’t be attained without proper booth exhibit display and design. I’m going to shed the light on three factors that your custom tradeshow design must have;

Distinction: if you are finally spending money on buying your company’s tradeshow design for maximizing your income potential. Make sure to have a distinctive design rather than buying over the counter design showed you by the designing company. You can hire a freelancer or expert designer to get a stunning design crafted for you. Having a personalized tradeshow is of course great but having a distinctive tradeshow would three fold the successful at the show.

Modern equipments: by using pole and mount you can integrate modern visual and audio tools in your tradeshow design. Incorporate videos and portable graphics to pull over more prospects to your booth design. Here are important equipments you need to carry to your show;

ü      Modular display system

ü      Pop up graphics

ü      Portable displays

ü      Videos and audios streaming project

ü      Large sized structured and banners

Exquisite presentation: your presentation should be different from others in positive manner. To stand out at the show and to beat your competitors you must have plans on your mind to give exquisite presentation. Bring professional outlook and demeanor in your booth design, because people like sophisticated designs and always try to gather best brands’ names from the exhibition to do future deals. Your presentation will also be brining more traffic to your booth which is good to have constructive exposure.

How to create a custom tradeshow design?

Many people really don’t have spare time to spend on the designing of their personal tradeshow design. They simply hire a third party’s designer and ask him to create the design all his own using his ideas and notions. This practice does not bring any effectiveness and growth to their business when the banners are displayed at the exhibition to catch on the attention of people. You may have good intentions into getting your design created by the designer but the fact is that you won’t ever be getting a perfect design and display unless you jump into it yourself and share what you have on your mind. I am not claiming that the designers aren’t capable of doing the best work instead the point is you understand your business very well and have better plans than anybody else. Why not you take time and draw something unique and simply share your ideas with him and guide him to craft your thoughts into a solid tradeshow design.

You are not required to be a genius at all for creating the design of your booth and display. It does not require any rocket science and complex chemistry formula either. All it needs is a creative thought-if you are running a business then you might be blessed with the gift of thinking differently than others and putting new ideas at the table. Here are some important points you should take into account when making a structure using your own thoughts;

ü      Think beyond the traditional design

ü      Make a design that is unique

ü      Map out the things and make an image in your mind

ü      Draw the rough sketch and see how it looks

ü      Think from the customer’s prospective

ü      Take your time

ü      Consider and reconsider

ü      Show your ideas and designs to other people

ü      Take the notice of your mistakes

ü      Remove all the flaws

ü      Take suggestion from the designer

After giving your own presentation for making the custom tradeshow design you must not forget to take the suggestions of your designer and colleges. Ask them if they feel convinced with the ideas or have something different to share with you. You will learn by making mistakes, your friends may not like what you have presented and these contradictions will help you make a perfect design. In the end your designer may make a blend of your creativity with his notions thereby putting a thriving tradeshow structure at your disposal. If you don’t have any idea about creating the tradeshow design, you should be checking on your competitors and watch what they do and how. You would be able to create something for sure.

Customized tradeshow design and personalization

Customized tradeshow design is a way to boost on your sales. The size, shape, structure, and design of the booth should be perfected to meet your all marketing needs and requirements. When you order a personalized design to a company you should try to use the booth for multiple tradeshows. On the exhibition floor, the structure should be fitted properly, the size can be colossal and huge so that to grab on the attention of the visitors. The attractions for the visitors are interactive media and free product demos and of course gift vouches. Make sure to have installed everything on the right place before putting on the graphics and banners. The final set must not be placed until all items are at their right place. The stands are to be connected using their pole or connectors, the panel must be standing in a position to be operated well, and above all the display has its correct position and angle for the public visibility.

Customized tradeshow design allows you to be comfortable with your own booth and stands and make quick set up as and when you please. Recruiting sales person could be another thing you need to consider before ordering the design- see how many salesman would be joining you at the exhibition and what portion of the tradeshow would be allotted to them. An organized look of the booth would pretty much convince customers to get interaction with you because many clients or customers don’t feel like standing in the crowd and seeing the products.

Free product demos, good literature stands, and gift vouchers must be incorporated in your marketing campaign if you wish to get good response from your customers. When you give free vouchers, take up the details of the new buyers and get in touch with them with future offer, this will help expanding the business and making new clients.  Let’s say you are selling one product for $1 and you get $1000 in sales, which mean you got new 1k customers to make interaction in the future. This will also effect on your sales generation and promotional activities. Installing a personalized tradeshow design at the exhibition may convert into profit ands sales only if you have made wise selection over the set, graphics, and size. The greater sizes dwarfing the other stall would perhaps be center of focus in the show. These are small points to notice but have good contribution in the live marketing at business expos.

Custom Tradeshow Design Imparts Lasting Impression On Bystanders

Every company has a specific targeted audience and particular profit plans when it comes to exhibiting products and services at tradeshow or annual business events. The major purpose of organizing shows and exhibitions is to attract more customers towards seasonal products and offers alongside yielding profit out of marketing. Expressing your company, its prestige, offers, and services can’t be profitable at all if you are using the outmoded and old methods of marketing- setting up a boring stall in any corner of the tradeshow and displaying couple of products on the front table. This technique does not work anymore; you should have to adopt new advertising methodologies and implement them to make the most of any marketing campaign or plan.

Now let’s get straight to the point, if you use ready-made tradeshow design (which may be used by thousand other marketers and promoters) how could you make your stall distinguished from other brands marketing their products in the same way you do. Identical looking stalls and design may also confuse bystanders and visitors. Sometimes they walk away without even looking at what you have to offer and share. To stand out in the crowd and make your presentation eye-catching you should use custom tradeshow design and display. You have to note down some important points before you actually conceptualize a custom tradeshow design. Here is to-do-list for you prior to having your display designed by the company or yourself.

Ø      Name the audience and age group which you will be targeting in the marketing.

Ø      Check what the best products are to offer in the show.

Ø      Advertising techniques to be used to attract customers

Ø      Ways for making your product promotion and exhibit successful.

Ø      Budget and investment

Ø      Equipments that you will be used in the show

Ø      Theme for the exhibit and company’s presentation

Ø      Sorted out texts about company’s offers seasonal products, and services

After considering all the points given above you have to step forward for the graphic designing and system management. If you have an in-house designer, you can use his services otherwise you can recruit a company on the short-term project of creating custom tradeshow design for you. Don’t forget to incorporate your trade show with latest modular system, techniques, and graphics besides investing on banner stands and booth designs, because the use of high-end technology in a custom tradeshow design can make it impressive for the customers and profitable in results.

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