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A solid strategy is required to make the most of your tradeshow marketing efforts.

While some companies seem to benefit from tradeshows, many come home wondering whether their time and money was worth it. With some proper strategizing and planning, your tradeshow efforts can get the buzz and results that you want. Here are 9 steps to revitalizing your tradeshow marketing strategy.

1. Plan far in advance
Many times companies either register far in advance for the tradeshow, and then forget about it; or they’re last minute and reactionary with picking the tradeshows they participate in. Either way, to do tradeshows right, you need to begin your planning long in advance. Planning for a tradeshow it isn’t just about booking flights and hotel rooms for your staff. It should be a very strategic process, where every aspect of your tradeshow—pre-show, during-show and post-show—are all meticulously thought through and tied back to a strategy and aligned with your business goals and objectives.

2. Be a speaker, don’t just exhibit
Having a booth is great, but the platform that being a speaker provides is tough to beat. Speaking on a topic of expertise to a targeted audience provides instant credibility. It also provides a great opportunity to cross promote your booth happenings as well as giving your booth staff something to talk to visitors about. The slide deck from your presentation can also be used as content to nurture leads and prospects after the tradeshow. Most tradeshows have a process for finding speakers, so you need to look into it and submit a proposal long in advance.

3. Determine tradeshow goals beforehand
What are you looking to accomplish at the tradeshow? What is your purpose for being there? For some companies, it may be simply about generating buzz and awareness for the company itself or perhaps a new product or service launch. For others, there might be specific sales-related objectives such as generating a certain number of leads and opportunities, or capturing as many target-rich contacts as possible for your email database. Or it may be a combination of all of these objectives.

The point is, determine in advance, long before the event, what it is you actually are looking to accomplish because EVERYTHING you do related to the tradeshow should be connected back to accomplishing your event objectives. Be sure to set specific, quantifiable metrics for measuring the success of your tradeshow.

4. Spread the word in advance of the event
Don’t wait until the tradeshow to start generating buzz, get buzzing before the event. Ways to do this are by hosting a webinar as a countdown for the show, post on social media, or emailing contacts about what your company will be featuring at the show.

In addition, take the opportunity to personally invite prospects and customers to meet you at the tradeshow. Based on what you’ve planned for the show (presentation, promotion, new product launch, demos, free consulting time, etc.), give them a good reason to show up to your booth or session. Also, work ahead to schedule appointments with qualified leads for consultations, presentations, demos or other meetings in advance of the event. Face-to-face meetings are a great way to nurture leads or even close a deal.

5. Select an ideal booth space and make it open and inviting
Booth location plays a critical role in the success of your tradeshow efforts. As part of your planning process, you should understand the layout of the exhibit hall and choose a location that will be best suited for high traffic and engagement opportunities. This will require registering for the conference far in advance, as last minute registrations will almost always lead to less-than-ideal booth locations. With most tradeshows, especially larger ones, you’ll pay a premium for larger spaces and larger spaces are typically located in ideal locations. You’ll also want to know your booth setup in advance: the dimensions of your space, ceiling height, access to lighting, internet access, electricity, etc. This will determine how you set up your space.

One way to immediately engage with potential customers at a tradeshow is by setting up a space that makes them feel welcome. Having a table across the front of the booth space can make it appear closed off and uninviting. Instead, create a space where people can enter without feeling trapped. You can create different stations in the space for people to learn about your company and products or services. This subtle practice in “feng shui” will decrease the chance of having people pass you by and increase the likelihood that they’ll step in and make a connection with one of your representatives.

6. Design your booth, messaging and giveaways to make an impact
In a sea of booths, often on either side of crowded aisles, you have mere seconds to attract a passerby to your booth. So creating a powerful visual impact with simple and clear messaging is very important to lure people in. Your booth is intended to be a backdrop, not a brochure. This can’t be overstated: people walking by should be able to instantly recognize who you are and what you do. It’s your booth staff’s job to take it from there. Also, be sure your brand is prominent and consistent with your other marketing materials.

And when it comes to SWAG, be sure to select giveaway items that stand out from the norm. Sure items like ink pens are a staple, but in addition to those, choose other items that attendees will actually want to keep for themselves, not just collect to give to their kids when they get home. Remember, even your giveaways are a reflection of your brand, so choose items that are both unique and desirable.

7. Develop an engagement plan
Your booth should be staffed with energetic and enthusiastic employees that connect with tradeshow attendees and are implementing the strategy you defined long before they arrived. Working on laptops or tablets, scanning emails on smartphones and sitting down in chairs is sure to send negative signals to a passerby. Your staff is there to work the booth, so that should be the primary focus.

In addition to having engaging conversations, consider something else to lure in and engage an audience. Motion graphics, videos and demonstrations can be powerful vehicles for drawing interest and succinctly (and entertainingly) conveying more about your services and/or products.

Contests, promotions, giveaways and other creative methods can also be used to help companies create some hype and achieve their tradeshow goals. But it’s more than just SWAG and iPad giveaways, you need to have a plan of action for generating conversations, identifying legitimate leads and capturing their contact information through a scanner or landing page. This will be helpful when beginning the lead nurturing process after the event.

8. Create a post-event follow-up strategy
Just because the tradeshow is over, doesn’t mean that your work is done. This is where many tradeshow efforts miss the mark. Follow up with the attendees that visited your booth and gave you their contact information. However, don’t mistake all these contacts as warm leads and try to immediately sell to them. Send them an email to thank them for stopping by, offer them a free download of your presentation and try to gauge their interest. By the number of unsubscribes you get from your initial email, you’ll pretty quickly know who was interested in your company and who just wanted that iPad you gave away.

For those contacts remaining, set up a lead nurturing campaign. This will help determine which prospects are worth pursuing and save your sales team a lot of time and energy. Keep the buzz going by generating post-tradeshow content on your blog and social media channels. And lastly, measure the results of your efforts according to the goals you set for the show and do so for several months after the show is over.

9. Set up a post-mortem debrief with the sales and marketing teams
After you return from a tradeshow, it’s critical to promptly set up a post-mortem debrief meeting with members of your sales and marketing teams. It’s important to get a 360-degree download of the show: successes, failures, shortcomings, the good, the bad and the mediocre. The reality is that sometimes your best ideas may fall flat when put into practice or your team is forced to improvise or adjust for one reason or another. Post-mortem debriefs are helpful to identity any lessons learned and action items that need to be taken to improve the success of the next tradeshow.

Any company on almost any budget can be successful at tradeshow marketing if they take the time to develop a solid strategy, execute it and follow through on post-event activities.

Display booth design and your color

Selecting colors for the booth design is really intimidating, hectic, and cumbersome, because a simple mistake in the selection of shade could cause public to ignore your offer and services. The color really matters and that’s why you see designer and show organizers emphasizing on the booth design’s structure and choice of colors. It is said that the theme of your product should have a good match-up with the shades you are choosing. Let’s say you are promoting a cell phone with grey and black color, if this is so, you need to use both colors and blend them in the display booth because doing so is not just impressive but also good to make your booth eye-candid.

Booth design for new Era

The world of technology is changing around the clock and this has brought in so much versatility and uniqueness in the booth designs. And with so many designs one is sure to find a perfect display for one’s upcoming tradeshow or business promotion. When you purchase a booth design you need to check it for latest technology integration like audio and visual devices and more importantly for banners. Your booth design must be compatible for banners and graphics because you will be marketing your product to your audience using the same media and for you should have proper arrangements. Booth designs have a strong connection with the marketing and promotion and keeping the same factor into your consideration you should purchase the design that can reflect your company’s statement and style as well as product’s quality.

Booth design should be chosen carefully

Needless to say, the market is a major jam-packed of booth designs and versatility is endless to be found out there in their shapes as well as structures. However, there is still need to choose a booth design carefully and make investment on one that can suit your all marketing needs besides being very accommodative to your product and services. Booth is what determines the success of an exhibition beforehand and a design with meticulous creation, color, and style would help you achieve your marketing goals. Take your decision after thinking well on the design and consider how you are going to present yourself by the way of graphics and banners

How your booth design should look like?

Sometimes, your booth design explicitly expresses about your offers and helps your customers comprehend how superb or low-score your brand is and what the products are.  Customers have their personal level of judgment to make over the brands and their products and seeing the booth in the very first glimpse perhaps gives them an idea of how good or how bad a brand is and if it’s advantageous to buy the products.  When branded items are sold in the stale and clumsy booth; they are rarely sold out, because customers are to be attracted using the color and temptations which is foregone.  The better your booth design is the higher your sales will be. Now let me quote an example of online website; when you search iPhone case online there are plenty of stores from where you can buy; but the first thing you notice is the layout and design, because you don’t want to be scammed at all. In online shopping you are afraid of getting scammed, but at tradeshows you ignore the brands when you don’t feel any interest in the booth or product.  This is why booth design is said to be a making or breaking tradeshow experience.  You need to make out the mind of your customers and this can be done when you have a good booth design to show them and when they feel fancy for your products seeing the colors and organized exhibition you are holding.

The design matters a lot at the tradeshow and can have impact on your customers. You can whether pull your customers towards the offer or make them pass by without seeing what you are offering. And booth design is complete with display, pop-up graphics, banner stands, and table top displays. The equipments must fit in the place allotted to you. The area could be only few meter or vast enough to accommodate a huge modular system. Keep your items ready to use when tradeshows are going to be announced so that you need not make strenuous preparation for the show because you can use the equipments you already have, and be able to get little changes and modifications in the design if necessary. And make sure your booth design is professional and very suitable and goes well with the theme of the product as well as of the brand. Relevancy is an essential factor to be followed in the booth design.

Keys to a successful tradeshow exhibit

Your tradeshow exhibit can whether make your success or break it from the bone; and this depends solely on your designs. If you think a diligent and organized booth would draw visitors towards your offers and services you are right to an extent. There are several ways to make your efforts well-rewarded when conducting and holding an exhibition in any of the business hub or location where visitors can easily find your alternates or competitors. How to cast a spell on the mind of buyers and convince them to buy; subscribe; and be in contact with your company as regular customers in the long-run?

Know who your targets are:

This is pretty much obvious that you need to know and understand who your audiences are and which age group do they belong to. The age factors count and matter here; because you can make a strategy to sell goods using traditional yet powerful methods known as free give-away to the customers. How about pulling down a huge banner in the opening of the booth and let it stays somewhere where it’s perfect on visitors’ eye-level and they can watch it hanged out and get to your exhibit to see what’s on the show. When you target teens; your promotional method must have something related to their interest and hobbies. For instance, if you are selling music CDs of 1950s and you know your booth will be visited by artists and teens, you can offer a vintage snapback for free to allure them and make them buy what you are offering. Free gifts attract customers but if you use the right theme and it’s relevant too, you can make big money.

Put products on the show having high demand:

Products that are having high demand can sell good and even for profits. After assessing your audiences and age group you need to put only those products on the show that can draw visitors on your exhibit and description of items must be written in a professional way so that they can comprehend while seeing your banner what you are giving and if they have interest in buying it or even checking on it. Highlight your product in huge lights making a perfect advertisement for your visitors. If your ads are impressive visitors would come down to the booth almost immediately.

Get your booth organized:

You should take someone along who can man your booth all the time and keep it organized in its appearance and layout. Nobody wants to stand on a messy and clumsy booth design; and this really matters. There mustn’t be a lot of crowd around your booth making other ones hesitant to look into your offers. Try to be done with your visitors in a timely fashion and try to not gather people around you so anybody can come to the booth and check it with calm.

How can a booth design covert in the promotion?

An exquisite booth design with clear message about a particular product or service is always a way to get more conversions; you would notice a big bang-up in the sales regardless of the product you are offering. It is obvious that your booth design acts like a sales-pitch for you in the tradeshow so this is very important to have perfect tools to communicate secretly while making proper on-site marketing of your services. What an excellent booth design is? A creation with colorful impression and broad space to accommodate all of your items you would carry along for the show. When making booth design for important show keep in mind that it is going to be your presentation publicly and you need motivation to “Say In Words What You Can’t speak openly”; it would be a great idea to make the use of visual media as well as audios to make your display more powerful and impressing. Modular display system or design is just an exception in case you have a better budget to be spent on the marketing equipments.

There are many themes in booth designs you would like to check-on- green booth design is one of the most popular styles big companies have been using these days, there is definitely a concept about this green pattern and that’s it has something to do with the luck. The greener the prosperous, I don’t know how do you think about colors or what sorts of meanings you link with different shades yet true to be told is shades have impact on making buyers’ mood and desire. It is going to be same when come to the booth design; an excellent style would be one with soothing blend within it now thinking of the combination is completely your choice. But, if you have a certain logo or product with specific colors in it like light grey, you can match your design with the base which is going to be grey and rest of colors should be blue, white, and purple whichever makes an eye-candid blend with the base color.

Customized booth designs are always a good way to be more specific in the advertisements since you have a layout that speaks about your services without distracting the readers. Moreover the customization helps you make changes in the message and setting in the future if it comes to be done.

Tradeshow Planning Guide

However much the need for a tradeshow to increase the visibility of your products, you cannot simply start to organize for the same instantly. Organizing a tradeshow is very involving and therefore requires proper planning. You need at least a year to plan and organize an effective tradeshow that will produce desired results.

From the outset, you need to establish what you intend to achieve by planning for a tradeshow. It may be necessary to attend some shows relating to your product(s) to have a view of what you are about to get into. The fact that there are sponsors willing to work with organizers in planning tradeshows makes it necessary to contact the same. Securing a sponsor can go along way in reducing your tradeshow budget. Contacting sponsors and securing one is a process that can take up to three months.

Securing a tradeshow sponsor is just the first step towards a long journey of planning and finally organizing a tradeshow. You will need to prepare an effective tradeshow marketing plan to present to your sponsor for the necessary funding. It is also at this stage that you need to start shopping around for a suitable tradeshow location, which will be determined by several factors including your target market. You will also need to identify and purchase the necessary tradeshow materials and equipments including furniture and booths. Having the necessary equipments in place can take up to three months.

The next stage of planning mainly deals with internal matters. It is at this stage that you develop a sales message that will appear in all your marketing materials. It may be necessary at this stage to contract an exhibition company to deal with organization and layout of exhibition venue. You however need to work closely with a chosen company so that all your preferences are incorporated. It is also at this stage that you select promotional materials and products you will give away during the show. Working with an exhibition company and finally coming up with a workable plan can take up to three months.

Six to three months prior to your tradeshow date is a crucial moment. It is at this stage that you order and secure both promotional materials and giveaway products. You also need to secure tradeshow equipments including booths. Determining the number of your tradeshow team and their capacity at this stage is crucial. You will need to organize for a training session for not only the benefit of your team members but by extension to your business. It is at this stage that you need to launch your pre-tradeshow marketing initiatives.

The last stage of planning, which is usually two or three months to your tradeshow date should purely be for finalization. You need to ensure that everything is in place. Obtain necessary confirmations where necessary in addition to finalizing on travel arrangements. Inform your service providers with an elaborate timetable and schedule of your tradeshow.

How to make your attendee stop at your exhibit

Not having a tradeshow exhibit will certainly hurt the way people see your company and respect your services. When you get to engage yourself at exhibit either at national and international level you basically compete with everyone else. Even a simple table top display carrying an advertisement of coffee or tea is your rival despite of having different nature of business and field. At the face of it, you are confronted with many crucial facts associated with the term “tradeshow”; you have spent a huge budget on design and equipments and further spent money on the transportation of equipment. You must make profit from the show otherwise it may spoil your business growth and reputation. If you want your every attendee stop at your booth design and ask for more details you ought to have couple of elements present in your booth design;

Extraordinary visibility: The design should be pleasantly visible, motivating, attractive, and eye-catching. A stale poster with big figures catches on attention, why is so? The poster has something in bright color combination to make other people have a glimpse at it for minutes. We drive on the road and we sometimes can’t take our eyes off of the advertisement lighten up with lights having one-line message and gang of four people laughing and sharing the message. We get to see it and feel impressed. Aren’t we? Similarly a booth design ought to have a cleared message prominently written as well as displayed. Believe it or not, a delicious one quote message would also do the job if it has done correctly by using a state-of-art graphic.

Lighting and visual effects; everyone in the show would be using their common three senses of hearing, watching, and seeing. Now think how you can make a booth design to attract their three senses all together. By integrating audios speakers on the displays, implementing graphics, and incorporating videos- you can get their attention for sure. When you use multiple tools on your booth design it may also make your exhibit clumsy and disorder in presentation. Now here are you needed to follow another rule of tradeshow and that’s creating discipline at show having too much stuff.  Message should be brief. Design must be complete with respect to impact of colors and structures. The things should be organized. These are all you will learn with time at your business tradeshow exhibit.

Why booth design is important for advertising?

The answer is obvious it is important to be noticed by visitors and customers to get sales and profit. Perhaps profit isn’t something you really want to get out of your exhibition during business promotion, in fact you need something more- an exposure and recognition.  There are many other meanings of marketing than just profit- impression, relation building, customer service, identity, and popularity. These all elements are connected to your marketing somehow whereas marketing itself has association with booth design. The better design the great impact on the customers- the stronger impression would get your brand an identity or a name on the basis of services you are offering. Booth design and its creation can be complicated for novice, for them there are many third party designers in the market as well as a lot of individuals ready to help them out getting credibility.

The budget also matters here in the design, texture, and formulation of booth design. The standard design may cost you few hundreds to thousands dollars. The extra cost of this investment would be added in as and when you want changes in the design to make it go well for the theme of the exhibit. I’d suggest you getting a design at an affordable cost and add your creativity and technology to make it perfect. Customized designs are also adorable for having everything a vendor or seller needs and expects, but still to be able to stand out of the crowd you should be doing alteration as per your requirement.

Perhaps expanding your business is something you expect from the marketing campaign, if so you are to be highly focused on investing your money on a lucrative booth design which can help you market your product and services in the long run. A stabilized design can yield profit, generate sales, attract new customers, impart strong impression, catch on public attention, and most importantly gets you exposure you need. Therefore, when you are going to invest on this part you should be wise and accurate in your decision. You’d better check out latest trends and technology used by competitors and other marketers and implement them to your booth design because doing do is very important. Otherwise, your exhibit would do nothing better for you. Follow the trend and style to be noticed. Even if your budget is small, you may make impressive outlook of your booth and give it a gorgeous appearance to grab on the attention.

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