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Banner stands

Despite of emphasis, most marketers and advertisers are giving on advanced promotional techniques including mobile marketing and online marketing, tradeshow still remains an effective, easy, and lucrative means of face-to-face advertising and these events are held every now and then in every state where businessmen strive to grow their business and expand their customer by creating a brand awareness among state’s natives to worldwide customers to make more sales and to have more reputation in the industry. Where tradeshow are still important for brand’s identity and promotion, banner stands are known to be supreme marketing equipment that can be tailored made to accommodate any event and hold on the banner with almost any graphic and design printed onto it.

Long time ago, banner stands would use outside the restaurants only wherein prices were written for the customers so that they could get an idea what is served inside the eatery and what the prices are. And other details were mentioned including the restaurant’ location with the bold signs to help pedestrians and visitors in finding the place.  These days, banner stands are used for several marketing campaigns and I have seen them used in the webinars too where people pledge on something or protest together.  At tradeshows seeing banner stands holding down the graphics and promotional pictures isn’t a surprise or norm because this is being done everywhere.

Banner stands are used for graphic displays and best is that you can interchange the graphics to make more sense for the products you are going to promote in the event. Not only can you promote but also attract people using it. As far as the mobility of stands is concerned; you need to choose stands which can be shipped easily and are lightweight. Now-a-days, retractable banner stands are considered most sophisticated advertisement tool because you can save a lot of money on their shipment for being their light-weight and flexible. You can make a set-up fast without too much hassle and handy-work. They are also affordable and cost-effective. From 25 dollars to hundred thousand dollars you can buy banner stands of high quality and you don’t have to put a lot of money aside for them because you can get them if you have only 30 dollars in the pocket and you can still buy them if you are ready to spend 1000 dollars on them. The choice is just yours but both stand means to promote your product and service yet the quality may different due to high cost and material used inside.

Banner stands and level of ease Portable

Most of the banner stand designs are meant to be portable because now almost tradeshow happens throughout the year and locations where these shows held are unpredictable. Like a wise business man and marketer you have to head off to a place where there seems to be possibility of earning potential profit by doing the marketing of the products and services. That means you should be ready to attend the tradeshow at any given time of the month and then be prepared to advertise yourself with your all tradeshow accessories, tools, and equipments.  When you are planning to exhibit in your own city or state you don’t have to be worried about the banner stands, banners, booth design, table top, and other stuff because you have an option to rent these stuff out from a company or simply buy them to make a set up on the place. But when you have to make arrangements for any other city and state in order to become the part of the business show and exhibition you are required to move your stuff along for installing the set-up prior to the product marketing.

Portable banner stands have become such as ease for those people who want to have a quick set up at the exhibition and don’t want to be involved in spending hours and hours just on making the show set-up and installing the booth design. Versatility is one strong point makes these banner stands very adept into any tradeshow. You have a myriad of designs, varieties, and shapes to choose from.  Today we will talk about two most popular types of the banner stands having one thing in common and that’s their portability;

Retractable banner stands: as their name says it all, they are rectangular in shape and suitable to carry small and medium banners at the exhibition. There are small aluminum canisters in the stands that hold the banner in its place.  First you would pivot out the feet of the banner and then pull your banner on the pole (positioned on the top), now you need to connect the banner’s tops with the stand’s pole. That’s here. You are not bound to detach your banner after using it in the exhibition, instead you just need to retract it and then dissemble the poles and feet of the banner. That’s really easy.

X Tradeshow banner stand: this stand is one of the best banner designs makes X shape design when it is set up with three rods.  Basically its design has three rods thereby it is also known as X tripod banner stand. It is very easy to make the set up with this stand. To make the set up you press the bottom of the display down, place two rods, and put your banner on the poles. That is all it takes to make the set up for X tradeshow banner stand.

Be on the top with banner stands

Every penny you spent on the promotion of the product and service should be double returned on the final day of the tradeshow. This occurs when you take the right step and choose appropriate equipment for the exhibition to present yourself differently and uniquely. Almost all vendors and sellers have some expectations with respect to financial goals and profits when there is a discussion of tradeshows. Most of the marketers hardly get 20 percent return on the investment they made on the booth design and banner stands, this somewhere shows that they have missed out on something or else have failed in accomplishing goals. Although, they spend thousand bucks or more on single banner but consequences are not favourable.  The possible cause of this failure could be incompetence of doing the right presentation and making a tempting booth design to attract the customers.

The banner stands are perhaps an old marketing strategy with respect to tradeshow promotion, company’s expo, and event. But this works out very much and pays it full when used properly with other accessories.  Banner stands hold on the graphics with all your messages rotating on the display if you have installed the panel and have different texts to show to the public. At the same time, they are point of attraction so should be used at show on priority basis. Tall stands, colorful banners, and beautiful designs these are all you should incorporate in your booth design along with making other arrangements like flyers, brochures, and posters.

Flyers are important marketing equipment you need. Include all information and detail on the flyers such as booth number, company’s logo or stamp, address, and permanent phone number.  Sometimes, it is also handy to get your designs printed along, for example if you sell jewelry design you may offer a small booklet and display it on the banner stand. Offer it for free and give a free gift voucher to your customers on their orders. This would bring more visitors to your booth.  Mention on the banner stands that you are offering gifts and designs for free. All those who would have a look at your banner would go straight to your stall and ask for the gift and possibly buy what you have to offer. Banner stand should be very colorful and beautifully designed so that to give an impression side by side passing your message onto your customers.

Maximize your marketing mindset with banner stands

Nonetheless, banner stands are an effective mean of advertising but they do the right things when are used and adorned properly to make yourself different from the exhibit. To make your investment wise and get long term profit most of people make the use of general content and graphics to use the banners for the long term. The same goes with the banner stands; they should be intricately designed and profusely decorated to go well for any upcoming marketing trend. The design of the banner stand matters a lot at this point. The stand can also be used for years to come when right complimentary colors are used in the theme to market any product or service.

Banner stands are not an outmoded style of marketing. They are still as effective as they were in the past but this time the vendor or marketer has to make some changes to create a sense of uniqueness in the old module. None of marketing campaign can be completed without the stands and banners. For one reason or two you need to make little investment in the banner stands so that to hang your posters or graphics on.  If your budget is medium or small you can follow some simple tips to stimulate your marketing and that’s your own budget;

  1. Ø      Choose content that can be used further for upcoming sales and marketing.
  2. Ø      Let the details be brief onto the stand.
  3. Ø      Describe your motive compressively.
  4. Ø      Choose fine colors making combination of light and bright shades.

Ø      Sometimes colors get faded with the passage; avoid using to much intense or sharp color like red

Ø      Get an elegant designed on the stand that won’t go out of the style and trend.

While you are getting your stands designed, pay close attention to its long term and short term business goals along considering the ways to make out of your fund spent. Certain designs are subject to change, so one must have to foresee a creation that can be availed for a long time. Your focus should be on your business promotion and its growth rather than concentrating too much always on the same aspect like design, stands’ layout, and graphics. It would be good to take some time, think over and over again, and map out every thing in one setting. If this seems to be implausible, the better is to opt for the things that can be amended as and when required such as banner graphics, and technology used in.

Use Banner Stands to Create Strong Impact At Your Next Exhibit

Being an owner of big business enterprise is not very simple; you have to attend several events either as a vendor or seller. Events and exhibitions are simply a gateway of promotion offering you a golden chance to say something about your brand and services to the public. Most of the people use table settings and make their settings in the center of hall or location to become visible when promoting their product or new offers but now this approach has become somewhat outmoded and clumsy. When there are many other great ways and ideas to advertise your business why should you keep using the old sources of marketing like a table and standstill banner or graphic sitting on the table?

Banners are one of the best ways to express and market your services to the public- being very eye-catching the banners can grab on the attention of visitors and won’t make your offers overlooked. Banners are to be used with their banner stands and ordering the right banner stand should be your prior consideration when you plan the theme of your marketing exhibit.  The design of banners and their types come are secondary things to consider whilst having the right banner stands needs more attention.  These days, retractable banner stands are very popular being easy-to-use, install, and transportable. These stands can either be one-sided or dual sided- when more than one text message or large graphics are meant to be displayed at exhibit or in the show, you’d better opt for dual-sided banner stands.

The graphic cartridge and panel is normally based in the center or below retractable stands making it easier for the marketer to mange the whole theme all by himself by setting the multiple graphics and rotating them in a sequent as and when it’s required.  The banner stands incorporated and adored with laminated graphics can be truly your brand- logo provided; they are used properly and well-organized.  A lasting and strong impact can be created on the bystanders and guests at exhibit by choosing on the eye-candy graphics on the either side of the banner stands. Numbers of companies are involved in the business of banner stands, although you have an option to order a stand from the already designed pieces, but you should try to get a customized piece so that to be stood-out among other brands and offers in the show. A good source of finding out a collateral banner stands and designs is the internet. Check on the latest model of banner stands and schedule your product marketing in a successful colorful theme of your choice.

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